Gerrymandering and the US Election System

Gerrymandering and the US Election System

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  • On : Jun 12, 2016

The US election system:

The media selects a few candidates from a two party duopoly who are highlighted in primaries and then voted on by delegates who are often not even bound to what the voters voted…

Once this is done a committee of republicans and democrats decide if any other parties will be allowed in the debates for the general election …

Then an election is held in which the person with the most votes does not necessarily win … But are chosen by a system of electoral votes based on maps which are drawn by corrupt bureaucrats in the manner designed to give them the advantage.

The entire process is built on a billion dollar marketing and propaganda campaign backed by corporations.

There are no less than three major checks in place to favor the establishment in the unlikely event that the actual citizens attempt to upset the cart of rotten apples they’ve been given.

We not only think this is fair… we bomb people in the name of bringing them “democracy” which is even worse than the system we claim to follow.geryymandering-corrupt-congressional-maps-chicago

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