The Fenton Report Submission Guidelines

Interested in writing for The Fenton Report?

Description: Online global wealth management magazine affiliated with Atlantic Financial Inc. an independent investment and wealth management company founded in 1994. Fenton Report started initially focused on financial planning and economics and has grown to cover overall issues of globalization, big picture economics and lifestyle areas of interest to readers such as travel.

Audience: The audience includes approximately many unique visitors monthly and is also distributed to affiliates and contacts– readers are high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and senior executives typically global oriented (but 80-85% American). Many are in leadership positions in government and private industry.

Theme: Global oriented topics related to building and enjoying wealth in a meaningful way, philanthropy, the environment and big picture technology / economic issues.

Similar magazines/ themes: The TED Conference, Robb Report, The Economist, Global Investor, Worth, Trader (rip), Barrons, the World Economic Forum at Davos

Topics / Interests: Globalization, socially responsible investing, investing, our changing world, management, travel, philanthropy, luxury products, occasional self help, fitness or other topics of interest
Especially good topics: those relating to the Mid East, Asia and other emerging markets, those focusing on the major issues of our day and the solutions.

Why wouldn’t an article be accepted: Most likely reasons for non-acceptance would be overly sales oriented, non-objective product featured articles (such as press releases on a specific product). Overly narrow articles (also on a specific product). Subject matter drifting from focus of the readers/ something better suited for another audience. Topics about gambling, adult themed subjects, business opportunities etc. are especially unlikely unless they have a broad, objective and big-picture feel that ads value. Political and controversial subjects are okay, provided they are done in a constructive manner.  Fact checking is key of course, if it cant be verified twice then it shouldn’t be included.   If you article should have been included and wasn’t, please resubmit, it could have been overlooked.

Schedule: Fenton Report releases articles on a rolling basis, based on need and demand, not restricted by a formal schedule. In addition, special articles are released on an as-needed basis. Some articles might be posted immediately, others the timeline will vary a good deal.

Guidelines: No limit on length of reports and academic articles. Articles should be approximately 400-800 words per section and can be one, two or three sections (in other words a 2300 word article is welcome but will likely be delivered in three parts.)
We can use articles as short as 200 words, photos are most welcome. Longer academic economic studies may be 7000 words or more with no limit provided a shorter summary is also submitted. We have a mix of academic papers, interviews, short to medium length articles and blog-style entries.

Byline consideration: Authors will receive a byline with the article including website link and contact information.

Exclusivity: Exclusivity is not mandatory but will GREATLY increase the chances of an article being accepted. Authors are encouraged to submit unique articles. If the article is a duplicate, authors are encouraged to do at least minimal tailoring of the content to the audience of the Report.

Limitations on Financial Articles: Since the editor of Fenton Report is governed by the FINRA and SEC, articles relating to investment topics must be reviewed for compliance with investment regulations, articles should avoid mention or recommendation of specific investment products requiring FINRA approval (such as mutual funds) unless author has already has such article approved.

Opinion Topics: Opinion articles are welcome; editorial and reporting articles will be segregated. Ideally articles should be clearly opinion or objective – in other words, bold opinions that are clearly opinions or little opinion at all.

Video: Online video is increasingly important and welcome video submissions such as product features, interviews and others – you can submit the video directly or a link — video embedding from YouTube is acceptable (many videos have embedding enabled). Videos not already online may also be submitted and FentonReport can upload those to an appropriate host and then embed them.

Best format to submit articles and photos: Relatively plain text without extensive formatting is best. If you have the ability to submit with very clean and simple HTML code then you can do so but may wish to include a plain text version as well. Links are welcomed. Articles should be submitted in the body of the email to editor @AT with photos attached.

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