Lists tracking religion?  

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  • On : Nov 19, 2016

Concerned about a registry that tracks religion? Opt out.
For many years I have refused to complete every single form that asks my religion or race. The good that comes from these is almost non existent. More often they are used for increasing division.
It is amazing how many times this comes up. Hundreds of forms from government documents to surveys when you buy new office supplies. Just leave it blank every time. On rare occasions people ask why I didn’t complete it and I simply say “I don’t answer those questions.” and they back down. The only exceptions have been if there is a medical reason or if I’ve been forced. A couple times some bureaucrat has taken it upon themselves to complete it for me. If forced, which is very rare, I check “other” for race / religion if possible.
Fortunately it seems likely a Muslim registry under the new administration is unlikely. There is no political will for this and huge opposition.
For those concerned about such things, the groundwork for such lists have been laid for many years.
Race, religion and gender are continually highlighted and segregated today.
Every poll that separates people by religion and race continues to this. Every program that asks about race or tracks it…no matter how well meaning… contributes to this.
A list based on religion is a lot easier to compile today because the media, pollsters, universities and others — many well meaning — continually ask about religion and separate people into blocks based on race and gender. We hear about the “black vote”, the “Muslim community”, “Latino support” as if these terms had any meaning. They don’t. People should be judged on their own words and actions not grouped with others based on skin color or religion.
If you want to fight back against a possible list, start by fighting back against the bigger picture of division and separation: refuse to sign any form or check any box that asks your race or religion.
All those polls we saw which broke down who voted for who by race were compiled because people voluntarily gave that data. Don’t volunteer. The news and politicians talk about “white neighborhoods” or “black neighborhoods” or “the Jewish vote” only because millions of people voluntarily stated their race on census forms or other data collection schemes.
Opt out. Don’t volunteer data which will only be used to divide us.

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