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Teatime for the Republican Establishment

Conservatives clashed sharply over which nominee, establishment candidate Mike Castle or Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell, would be a better choice to run for Joe Biden’s vacated Senate seat. Those backing Castle noted that he had won a dozen statewide races and was a surefire winner, whose presence deterred Beau Biden, the First State’s Attorney-General and Continue Reading →

Financial Reform: Can Markets Survive the Chris & Barney Show?

Op-Ed Financial Reform: Can Markets Survive the Chris & Barney Show? I hardly have time to read the 1,500-page financial reform bill, let alone, given how such monsters are crafted, could I understand it.  But I do understand why everyone should be scared when it becomes law…. Here’s why: The Chairmen of the Senate & Continue Reading →

Climate Change: Tale of Three Computer Models

Climate Change: Tale of Three Computer Models The Boeing 777 became the first plane designed entirely on computers.  It has flown for more than a decade; it is safe, reliable and comfortable.  Before passengers flew on the 777, test pilots flew it, and arduous stress tests supplemented those test flights.  Boeing’s computer models rested upon Continue Reading →

The Kennedy Clan: Camelot’s Promise & Peril

The Kennedy Clan: Camelot’s Promise & Peril What some are calling “the end of Camelot,” calls for added reflections not just on the person of Edward Kennedy, but on the Kennedy Clan’s dynastic run, and implications for the future of American life & politics. French novelist Honore de Balzac is quoted, perhaps apocryphally, as having Continue Reading →


HEALTH CARE: OBAMA, DEMOCRATS VERSUS THE FEDERALISTS 57 & 63 In Federalist 57, James Madison discussed safeguards that would prevent the House of Representatives from oppressing the people who elected them.   One was that laws passed by the House would apply in full to Members of that body: “I will add as a fifth circumstance Continue Reading →

“Government Motors”: Death of the Private Corporation

On June 1, 2009 America’s most famous manufacturing corporation died–and along with it a great era of private corporate enterprise.

Founded in 1908, GM set the standard for auto manufacturers by employing more than 600,000 people, and in 1954 attained a historic 50-million cars sold worldwide. Valued at $93 per share as recently as late 1995, GM’s stock was Continue Reading →