What do the Super Wealthy Want from You

I have this unusual job that has caused me to end up meeting about 90 members of the top 150 on the Forbes list…. One thing that might surprise people who have never met the ultra wealthy is how much they love when others succeed. They really want you to make it, they want to Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Access and Global Poverty

Some say that poor people should not be involved in #Bitcoin because of the risks and volatility. It is true that Bitcoin is volatile and could go to zero and investors could lose every penny. People should not risk what they cannot afford to lose and poor people can’t afford any loss. It’s also true Continue Reading →

Accredited Investors

Want to invest in the same stuff rich people do? Well, if you are not rich already the answer is often “Too bad”. In the investment business we have a concept called “accredited investor” it means that certain investments can only be bought by people with a high net worth or high income. Often these Continue Reading →

Nothing can do what Bitcoin can

With Bitcoin I can carry $50,000 in my wallet in paper form with a password protecting it. I can load that $50,000 onto a phone and instantly transfer it to anyone in the world for a fee of a couple pennies. The paper wallet cannot be hacked. If I lose it I can keep one Continue Reading →

Business Tips from the Inner Circle

I have a client who is one of the top global business people and has Forbes list level wealth. I’m always trying to learn from him. I think the one most clear trait he has is the ability to filter out noise and nonsense. He doesn’t waste time, doesn’t spend time with anyone other than Continue Reading →

ISIS and the Definition of a “Caliphate”

A “caliphate” is Islamic Empire led by a political and religious leader known as the “Caliph” the first major Caliphate was the Rashidun Caliphate in 632, the last one was the Ottoman Caliphate which started in 1453, nearly half a century before Columbus’s journey. The IS / ISIS / ISIL forces calling themselves a “Caliphate” Continue Reading →

Police in THIER own words

Police in THIER OWN WORDS from THIS WEEK ONLY. – “The officer was behaving properly by using text and email” department response when Deputy Andrew Wood killed a bicyclist and former Napster COO while the Deputy texting and using email while driving – “We will not cover the medical bills” response in Habersham County for Continue Reading →

Bitcoin is an Expression of Truth

Bitcoin is essentially a large public decentralized ledger that says someone over here has an entry of a certain number of units and can move them to another person over here. All that transferring Bitcoin is doing is entering a ledger entry which says this unit was transferred from here to here, one address to Continue Reading →

Ferguson Officer Threatens to Kill Peaceful Protestor

“I’m gonna f–king kill you!” August 19, 2014 – Ferguson Police Officer who refused to identify himself, while pointing a rifle at peaceful protestors In the incident, which was videotaped, activists had noted that he had “gun rage” and was pointing his loaded weapon at unarmed peaceful demonstrators — at this point he pointed the Continue Reading →

Washington Post : Don’t say Mean Names to Cops if you want to Live

You can’t make this stuff up. “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.” The actual title of the article. In response to radical over zealous violence and destruction of the Constitution in #Ferguson, am LAPD officer has taken to the Washington Post to remind citizens to stay in line Continue Reading →