Bitcoin Basics – What is Bitcoin 

If you want to learn about Bitcoin, the digital currency, it’s not too hard, here are some basics. Don’t worry about making it overly complex. Some of the videos on the web are great…some go into lots of detail about the behind the scenes of how mining works etc. — stuff that very few people Continue Reading →

A More Compassionate Alternative than Mandatory Minimum Wage

Minimum wage: Some people have less skill than others in the workplace. The best way to get them more skill is to provide them with experience and on the job training. If the law says that employers are not allowed to pay anyone less than $15 an hour or some other number then those people Continue Reading →

Is Taxation for Heathcare and Education a Violent Act?

A lot of comments on taxation yesterday. When I mentioned taxation for healthcare or education being violence many disagreed. You can say taxation for these program is worth it, you can say it’s our duty, you can talk about the greater good or your own moral code or whatever….but one simply cannot deny that taxation Continue Reading →

Managing Tech Development 

One of the worst things a tech company exec can do is have programmers and developers work without clear structure, management system, budget and timelines – I’ve see this happen many times and the result is massive wasted money on building overly complex systems with no useability.  Custom builds are the worst as almost anything Continue Reading →

Regulation, Venture Capital and Economic Growth 

Here is a great, real-world, tangible example of how excessive regulation costs us jobs and harms economic growth. I have invested as an angel investor in a few deals for tech startups.  I have lots of access to great venture capital deals in the Bitcoin space.   I’d love to expand this a bit. I Continue Reading →

Texas Bitcoin Conference Speech on Bitcoin avoiding the Echo Chamber

My speech at Texas #Bitcoin Conference this week was titled:  “Avoiding the Echo Chamber: Misconceptions, Hurdles & Obstacles that Bitcoin Technology must Overcome to Realize it’s Global Potential”  It included a few points: 1- Sure Bitcoin may replace banks but it will take a while, the Internet has still not yet replaced newspapers — contrary Continue Reading →

What Level of Violence Should we Use Against those Who Hate?

I’d like to ask my many good freinds who are protesting the new Indiana law to consider the issue from another angle. First, one thing to note is that the law is not something new or unusual – it is based on the Religious Freedom Act signed by President Clinton in 1993 which has been Continue Reading →

Islam Does not have a Monopoly on Bad Guys

“My religion may not be perfect but at least we don’t kill innocent people.” When spoken by Christians is not only an arrogant statement — it’s patently false. Christians are incorrect in thinking Islam has a monopoly on crazy — Christians kill people all the time and we include our share of crazy people. The Continue Reading →

Election Day

My heart goes out to all candidates today. I considered running for office last year and got a feel for the workload, emotional toll and sheer amount of work needed to run for election. Sadly, and let’s be frank, a lot of the work is pretty hard work or boring stuff: it’s not as often Continue Reading →

Tim Cook of Apple – Gay Rights Have Come a Long Way

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has never discussed his sexual orientation until now stating that he is proudly gay. Its saddening and bewildered that homophobia and anti-gay sentiments still exist in our world but its encouraging by how far we have come. About 30 years ago, gay jokes were perfectly acceptable in the workplace and Continue Reading →