Islam Does not have a Monopoly on Bad Guys

“My religion may not be perfect but at least we don’t kill innocent people.” When spoken by Christians is not only an arrogant statement — it’s patently false. Christians are incorrect in thinking Islam has a monopoly on crazy — Christians kill people all the time and we include our share of crazy people. The Continue Reading →

Election Day

My heart goes out to all candidates today. I considered running for office last year and got a feel for the workload, emotional toll and sheer amount of work needed to run for election. Sadly, and let’s be frank, a lot of the work is pretty hard work or boring stuff: it’s not as often Continue Reading →

Tim Cook of Apple – Gay Rights Have Come a Long Way

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has never discussed his sexual orientation until now stating that he is proudly gay. Its saddening and bewildered that homophobia and anti-gay sentiments still exist in our world but its encouraging by how far we have come. About 30 years ago, gay jokes were perfectly acceptable in the workplace and Continue Reading →

Islam and the Middle East : Truth and Misconceptions

I hear often “Bruce, I agree with you on almost everything except when you talk about the Middle East and Muslims”. The funny thing is that the Mid East and Muslim world is a topic I know about professionally and it’s one thing I know a decent amount about. From this experience I’m telling you Continue Reading →

Bitcoin and Global Innovation


If you want to know why the US leads the world in tech, science, development and ideas look at #Bitcoin — a new superior tech model comes along and instantly thousands of people leave their jobs for startups, venture capitalists put down hundreds of millions on new ideas, old guard companies shift direction immediately, meetups Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Advice for Your Business or Idea

Hi. If you donate $10 to Sean’s Outpost, I’ll give you 15 minutes of time to give advice/ help with your Bitcoin related business or idea. The basics: – donate directly to Sean’s Outpost using the addresses on the official Sean’s Outpost site — don’t send money to me or any other party – Continue Reading →

Will Police Protect You?

I’ve posted enough on police lately — I post this story not so much as a criticism of police (although it seems a solid chance they could have done better) but to address the myth of “When you need them to help you then you won’t be complaining about cops dude” In reality they ARE Continue Reading →

How to Secure Bitcoin with Paper Wallets

1) take an old junk laptop 2) go to and download the pages 3) take the computer offline and never go online again 4) print a mess of wallets – make two copies of every wallet 5) use the feature called BIP 38 — this allows a password – make sure you have the Continue Reading →

Crimes and State Revenue Generation

Low level crimes like jaywalking and loitering are used by government to get people into their system and generate revenue. Go to any courthouse in any town and you’ll see dozens perhaps hundreds of people there for very minor infractions. People who can afford to pay the fine are often not charged to begin with. Continue Reading →

What do the Super Wealthy Want from You

I have this unusual job that has caused me to end up meeting about 90 members of the top 150 on the Forbes list…. One thing that might surprise people who have never met the ultra wealthy is how much they love when others succeed. They really want you to make it, they want to Continue Reading →