Any Mt. Gox Acquisition Plan Must Include Accountability and Must Return the Remaining Client Funds

From what we understand, Mt. Gox has 200,000 coins left and several hundred thousand still missing or stolen. Let’s be clear. These coins belong to the customers. They are NOT the property of Gox or whoever acquires Gox. They are not to sit in limbo for ages and sure as heck not to be used Continue Reading →

PSA: Newly Bitcoin rich folks: please for goodness sake, stop investing in crap

Just coming back from Toronto Bitcoin Expo and, once again, I’m seeing smart, newly rich Bitcoin people being wooed by crap business plans. The typical investor profile is someone who worked as a professional, maybe earned 100-200k a year and maybe had investable assets of 100-500k. Now all of the sudden, through timing and happenstance Continue Reading →

The Relevance of China to Overall Bitcoin Success

With more recent news about China and a potentially unfriendly stance toward Bitcoin, some people are again concerned about China and it’s affect on Bitcoin’s long term viability. A couple stats: Market cap of China stock market: $3.8 trillion. Market cap of US stock market: $18 trillion. (Source: The US has been moving industries, Continue Reading →

Watched Wolf of Wall Street last night.

Even aside from the language and themes which made my mom, wife, sister and son need to leave the room …I didn’t like the movie much. I try not to know much about a film before watching — all I knew was that it was Wall St. and Decaprio. I thought the story would be Continue Reading →

Is Your Bank Balance Real?

Secret from the inside of the financial system: The bank balance that shows up on your statement or when you login is not real. That money is not actually in the bank. It’s simply a promise that the bank will pay that to you…if they have it. A year ago this week, the people of Continue Reading →

Bitcoin: For an envelope to be opened in 2034 — Then we can laugh at how crazy it was or how accurate

Yep, we were there. We were there way back, all those years ago, in 2014. It was like the social media, internet and PC booms before it….but more global, faster and with a special dash of idealistic magic. Sure, we knew it was going to be big. It was a scary and wild ride. Every Continue Reading →

Five Tips for Newly Wealthy Bitcoiners:

A lot of new people have made a lot of new money. There are some worthwhile things to consider. These certainly don’t apply to everyone, but a couple people I’ve met might benefit from a few tips: – Remain Humble and Value the A team In today’s world, particularly in the US, we often equate Continue Reading →

Freedom of Information Act Request Regarding arrest of Charlie Shrem

Based on a question I asked during the Q&A at Texas Bitcoin, I am suggesting that a New York resident to file a Freedom of Information Act Request regarding Charlie Shrem’s arrest with the prosecutors, authorities who arrested him and the offices of Superintendent Lawsky for the reasons explained below. This week Charlie Shrem spoke Continue Reading →

Newsweek Reports it has found Satoshi – What is Next?

It is another amazing and interesting day in Bitcoin. Today it appears the media has found Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. Things will not be the same. Some in the Bitcoin community are hoping they can ignore or downplay this out of respect for Satoshi’s privacy. One popular internet site had a large number Continue Reading →

When Bitcoin exchanges fail no one is forced to pay executive bailout bonuses to them

The argument of bailout bonus supporters was that the executives at these banks should be rewarded for bad decisions. One firm had bonuses of over $9 billion and single executives at banks which should have gone under were awarded over $100 million. There will be no such bailout for Gox and certainly no such bonus Continue Reading →

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