Bitcoin: Why engage with Ben Lawsky?

Superintendent of Financial Services for New York, Ben Lawsky, has issued his proposed regulations for a Bitlicence governing Bitcoin businesses. I’ve warned people repeatedly about the fact that regulators are not our friends – so the onerous proposal came as no surprise. Many Bitcoiners seemed shocked and caught off guard that the proposal could be Continue Reading →

Red Mass Response to Bitcoin Article

In response to the article Tech at Night: What you need to know about the anti-liberty Bitcoin By: Neil Stevens (Diary) | June 14th, 2014 at 02:00 AM | Disappointing, there are several inaccurate statements in the article. Many people still have misunderstandings about Bitcoin. 1- No central authority is great – we don’t Continue Reading →

Another Gang Rape in India: Time for more Civil Rights?

And this week was yet another horrific gang rape in India, this time by police (again). Why does India have so many rapes? Let’s examine history. In 1858 Great Britain placed the British Raj in control of India. All Indian people were second class citizens in their own country and treated like slaves. Slaves cannot Continue Reading →

Bitcoin: I just sent money to 80 people globally from Alaska to Zanzibar – it took me 15 minutes. 100% received the money instantly without error– it cost me less than a dollar. No other system comes close.

This was fun: Bitcoin is so vastly superior to all other forms of currency and money transfer in history that it’s only difficulty is in meshing with antiquated global banking systems. I offered $1 worth of Bitcoin to Facebook friends who hadn’t used Bitcoin before here: Then followed up with a second offer: Continue Reading →

Apple Should Not Impede New Technology like Bitcoin

It has has been reported that today Apple will announce a new OS. So today is the unofficial Apple Bitcoin Campaign Day. A company who built it’s name on being innovative, bucking the trend and fostering an image of being anti-establishment should not stand in the way of a new technology that some of our Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Dubai: Juan Llanos & Bruce Fenton discuss Government Acceptance of Bitcoin

Can you use both Millibit and Bit?

As far as I can tell we can either use the term milibit for one one thousandth of a Bitcoin OR we can call the small unit also known as 100 Satoshi a “bit” — we can’t do both because “mili” means one one thousandth. Therefor if we use “bit” to describe the small unit Continue Reading →

Who is a Hero? Patriotism and Nationalism

Is everyone who wears a military uniform a “hero”? Or just the ones born on the same piece of dirt that we were? How about Canadians? Brits? Are they heroes? How about Germans? They are allies and in the EU….heroes also? How about Germans 70 years ago? It sounds really great and patriotic to wave Continue Reading →

Black Woman Bought Land in Boston in 1670 — Had Bitcoin Existed, this Would Have Been Common

Interesting article in the Boston Globe this week about a black woman who purchased land in 1670 – a couple centuries before it was common and a time when black people were enslaved by a system of laws supported by the State. Zipporah Potter’s story is unusual. The next step in fairness was the Continue Reading →

When recruiting skeptical new merchants, barely even mention “Bitcoin” first or focus on Bitcoin as a currency…. Just say it’s a way to get money fast and really cheap

I generally don’t do merchant recruiting for Bitcoin because I think it can be annoying and counterproductive – especially if they don’t see results – I usually only mention Bitcoin to a merchant it if I actually plan to spend Bitcoin there or know for sure they will see a large impact. With one merchant Continue Reading →